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Retreats and Immersion Programs

 We offer programs focused on developing the global mindset.  This ranges from a workshop to coaching, to immersion trips locally and internationally.

Corporate Teams Workshops:

For corporate teams, we do cross cultural training, focused on the global mindset.

The following are some of the types of training:


1.  Diversity Training 

2.  Creativity and Innovation

3.  Cultural Immersion for their intended market focus as well as provide context for the skills development.   

4.  Additional training focus on leadership development and communication skills.   

Local Cultural Immersion Workshop

The local immersion programs that would offer experiences to teams and individuals locally in other cultures. 

The format of this program will include a cultural, debrief, cultural event, tour and meal, wrap-up and discussion.   

International Immersion:

Do you want a more guided international experience?  We also do training via a custom international immersion we have created focuses on natural health and wellness in the USA

The format of this experience is a Health and Wellness Retreat – up to 10 days retreat away to relax and unwind in a new setting.


Best of Eastern and Western approach to relaxation.  Embrace local gems of health and wellness traditions and recharge your mind, body and spirit.

  • Personalized Coaching – Focus on centering and coming back to one’s own life/balance

  • Ayurveda Consultation and Treatment/Massage

  • Acupressure consultation and treatment

  • Time with nature and water side relaxation.

  • Tours/cultural exploration of the local area and sites.

  • Healthy and Tasty meals planned by Nutritionist

  • Nutrition wellness consultation

  • Daily Yoga and meditation sessions

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