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Article written by Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi for Ariana Huffington's latest digital publication - Thrive Global 

As part of our effort to raise discussion on important topics, we brought together a diverse panel for a conversation on STEM careers and the skills gap.  We held this event at the world's best startup incubator - 1871 in Chicago.  The panel  was created by Mango Networx:

Moderator: Soren Spicknall Civic Technology Fellow, Microsoft Cities Team


  • Chris Curry, Technical Project Lead, Northern Trust

  • Trisha Degg, VP of Talent and Programs at Illinois Technology Association

  • Robyn Moncrief, Computer Science Department Lead, National Louis University

  • Anijo Punnen Mathew, Associate Professor/Institute of Design, Illinois Institute of Technology

  • Aco Sikoski, Campus President, Ivy Tech in Valparaiso

  • Dimple Vashi, Staff VP, Health Care Analytics Project Management Office, Anthem

On October 5, 2018, we launched National Diversity Day in Valparaiso, Indiana with a panel discussion hosted by Each Life is Precious and Family and Youth Services.  The panel was opened by Mayor Jon Costas and was created and moderated by Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi.  The esteemed panelists included:

  • Jeffrey Balon—Chief of Police, Valpo Police Dept.

  • Maggie Clifton—Dir. of Community Engagement, City of Valpo

  • Robert Cotton—City Councilman, City of Valpo

  • Angie Hampton—Dir. of Human Resources at Porter Hospital

  • Linda Hazelton—Former President, United for a Purpose

  • Gregg Hertzlieb—Curator and Dir. of V.U. Brauer Museum

  • Cicely Powell—Dir. of Culture and Student Services at VCS

  • Aco Sikoski—Campus President, Ivy Tech in Valpo

As part of our effort to offer greater exposure to other cultures, we brought several foreign films to the US market, including Om Obama, which was featuring a discussion with the Director of the film, Janaki Vishwanathan, while screening the film at Doc Films at University of Chicago.

Other events:

  • Taking the Next Step - University of Chicago career day Panel discussion - moderator for Business Panel

  • World Cultural Diversity Day @1871  - Organized and led discussion

  • Arts Against Violence Discussion with Harlem Globe Trotter Bobby Hunter and NBA Champion Emmett Bryant, Eloise Saperstein, Hindu Temple President Bhima Rao

  • Leadership Skills talks at Engineering Colleges in India - organized and speaker

  • Beach Yoga Event- organized and speaker

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