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Project & Program Management

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We  improve business processes to develop a competitive advantage to reach a global market or align global teams.  Program and change management consultant over the past 20 years with corporate and industry experience. We work with teams to deliver Ecommerce projects, aligning teams, on large scale projects.

Our focus is on leadership development with expertise in operationalizing global mindset to create strong collaboratively teams with outputs of creativity, innovation.  We teach and coach executives and individuals at a variety of organizations and settings.

Through our consulting, we create opportunities to synergies strategy and diversity in organizations. Cultivate a culture of collaboration, empathy and innovative capabilities especially during points of accelerated change and/or growth in the economy.

We've worked in a variety of industries ranging from Startups to Fortune 500 companies including:
Model N
Classified Ventures

Our strengths include: Leadership Development, Digital Program Management, Design Thinking, Coaching, Strategy, Change Management, and Diversity and Inclusion.

We manage and coach a variety of cross functional international projects teams to focus on the following:
Create collaborative processes and training for leaders and functional teams.

We coach and mentor managers and executives on business psychology related strategies such as change management, global mindset, project management, collaboration, diversity and innovation, as well as conduct global mindset training. 


We also have experience with Media production, International Business, and Higher education.

Our work is supported by our independent research on culture, creativity and innovation to understand the correlation between exposure to foreign cultures and creativity.

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