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Ayurveda Wellness Events

Ayurveda Seminar on lifestyle and wellness in 2021:

Let’s make 2021 physically, economically, spiritually and emotionally strong!

An online seminar on the science of Life and the way of enhancing your life.
Date: March 27, 2021.  We have curated topics for events focused on cutting edge research from a traditional approach of medicine, applied to modern problems.  The treatment of Ayurveda also integrates an approach to look at the whole person and situation around the environment physical and emotional.  This is integrated and customized based on the individual's body type and lifestyle for wellness, disease treatment and prevention.  We have monthly seminars on various topics featuring the Ayurvedic Doctors from India.  Join us for the experience and information.  There is option to also reserve a private consultation with one of the Doctors.  Productivity and creativity are impacted by wellness. 



Conducted by 4 World renowned Ayurveda and Panchakarma Consultant Doctors

Panel of Doctors :

1. Dr. Anju Chetia ( BAMS, M.D.(A.M), C.C.H, C.G.O.) - Ayurveda and Panchakarma Consultant ( internationally acknowledged speaker) : will present the intro. Dr. Anju has presented seminars to Yoga teachers, University of Barcelona, Spain and workshops on Panchakarma at M.A. Centre, Aura Loga, Barcelona, Spain

2.. Dr Farha Shamsudheen (Expert Consultant (cosmetolgist with Post Graduate diploma in Ayurveda cosmetology & Trichology) : Speaker - Ayurveda Wellness ( Hair and Skin)

3. Dr. Tresa Mariam Job (BAMS) - Consultant and Clinical expert and rank holder (Eye, Ear, Oro dentistry)

4. Dr. Deepthi S G ( BAMS) - Expert Ayurveda Consultant

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