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Agile and Executive Coaching

You know what needs to be done and have the technical skills and experience needed. However, sometimes trying to communicate and influence others is exasperating, exhausting and takes too much energy.


You are not alone, leaders find that connecting with others, creating agreements and alignment to be the hardest part of their role. The cost of not effectively communicating and influencing is misalignment, low productivity and poor results. The environments we create are important. In the face of stress, judgment and negativity, people divert energy to merely surviving rather than being creative and innovative.


You can learn to create open-minded environments for dialogue, shared understanding and cohesive actions.

Who is the program for?


This program is for leaders, especially those focused on business transformation, technology and processes, who want to create more positive and productive relationships with stakeholders with different perspectives.


How is the program designed?


This program incorporates individual and group coaching and skill-based training with peer support.


You will be a part of a group of colleagues who are in similar roles who will meet virtually twice a month for three months.  Participants will set aspirations and learn together.  We will focus on best practices on how to influence and effective relationships. We take an action learning approach for results.


In addition to the group coaching, each participant will have the option of executive coaching sessions with a professional coach who has worked with organizations world-wide and has a wealth of business experience.


Participants will learn to incorporate an open mindset and effectively communication skills.  Different skills will be reviewed and practiced each session. In addition, participants will practice the skills in the workplace and report back to the group the impact and related reflections.  Using real cases with a group of committed peers is a valuable and effective way to test ideas and practice skills.


The Benefits


After the program, you will be able to:

  • Create business partnerships for long term success.

  • Influence others to collectively achieve goals and positive outcomes efficiently.

  • Build trust with clients and stakeholders.

  • Execute real time solutions and interventions

  • Leverage skills to lead through influence and formal authority

  • Increase connection, collaboration, engagement and innovation

  • Address conflicts and find common ground

  • Demonstrate emotional and social intelligence

  • Address resistance to change in a healthy and productive environment

  • Prepare and practice conversations that improve your interactions with others

  • Increase results and improve team performance



  • The complete program includes six live or virtual sessions with peers and coaches (bi-monthly)

  • Experienced coaches/facilitators (see bios below)

  • Practical focus with individual coaching sessions to clarify specific challenges and solutions

  • Peer support

  • This could also be customized to different formats or duration

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