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Lunch and Learn

Director and Manager Coaching Brief (30 minutes) with Coaching and Leadership Development Team

We will present one use case and a managerial skill that will be applicable to your work today. We will also give an overview of the the manager group coaching program.

You know what needs to be done and have the technical skills and experience needed. However, sometimes trying to communicate and influence others is exasperating, exhausting and takes too much energy.


You are not alone, leaders and project managers find that connecting with others, creating agreements and alignment to be the hardest part of their role. The cost of not effectively communicating and influencing is misalignment, low productivity and poor results. The environments we create are important. In the face of stress, judgment and negativity, people divert energy to merely surviving rather than being creative and innovative.

You can learn to create open-minded environments for dialogue, shared understanding and cohesive actions.


Who is the program for?

This program is for managers and directors who want to create more positive and productive relationships with stakeholders with different perspectives. You will be equipped to influence others to collectively achieve goals and positive outcomes efficiently.

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