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Research shows that by doing something different we will have different perspective. My research was on foreign culture exposure and how it impacts creativity.  This exposure could be any number of ways such as through visiting a new neighborhood, media depicting a new culture, or travelling are some ways.  

Watch this short video on the Inca culture:

•Experiential exercise with business application to marketing and product  development.  

•Creativity games have been used to facilitate creativity in groups.  They are useful in

–breaking barriers

–establishing comfort

–team building

–building trust

•In order to create something new, existing patterns and ideas must be uncoupled.  This is similar to the Zen philosophy of emptying one’s cup before learning something new.  (Thompson, 1991) To be creative it’s necessary to be flexible to make new combinations.

Create a product and marketing plan for a product or service for Inca culture –  (without electricity)

                   i.      What is the product? 

                   ii.      Why do you think it’s needed?

                   iii.      Marketing and Logo for the product 

                   iv.      Create one page brief

Questions to Consider:

1.Why is it sustainable?

2.Is the price reasonable?

3.Can you dominate the market?

4.How do you make it?

5.Is the product something they buy on a personal level?

6.Is it a product that is identifiable?

7.Does it look good?

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