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Mango Networx mission is focused on creating solutions that help businesses and organizations remain globally competitive.


We focus on developing a global mindset through training provides consulting, immersion programs, training, development and solutions to individuals, teams, and companies on solutions for diversity and inclusion and cultural understanding in the workplace and communities.

Mango Networx has a network of experts from a variety core areas of expertise are:  Immersion Programs and Business Psychology.

We are an international team led by Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi, PsyD, MBA, MS, PMP, ADKAR. =


Our principal consultant has over 15 years of commercial and education sector consulting and project management and business process improvement experience. She has a Doctorate in Business Psychology from Chicago School of Professional Psychology, MS in Computer Science and BA in Psychology from the University of Chicago and is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP), ADKAR Change Management, Six Sigma and Scrum Certification. 


Mango Networx has consultants with the following industry experience:
• Fortune 500
• Start-up
• Creative Services
• Technology
• Education
• Media
• Retail
• Non-Profit



Implicit Bias - Iceberg Model

Questioning Our Assumptions - as a way to Connect

by: Dr. Nitha Fiona Nagubadi, Cultural Psychologist and Entrepreneur

Implicit bias.. what is it?


According to Project Implicit a nonprofit international group of researchers who are focused on implicit bias:


“An attitude is your evaluation of some concept (e.g., person, place, thing, or idea). An explicit attitude is the kind of attitude that you deliberately think about and report. For example, you could tell someone whether or not you like math. Implicit attitudes are positive and negative evaluations that are much less accessible to our conscious awareness and/or control. Even if you say that you like math (your explicit attitude), it is possible that you associate math with negativity without being actively aware of it. In this case, we would say that your implicit attitude toward math is negative.”

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